Sand Island Campground presents The Jack O Lantern Experience 5:30 p.m.

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12 Dates Through Oct 31, 2020

Experience great fun on Sand Island Campground during our Spirit of Halloweentown Celebration! Put on your lifevest we provide then take the Haunted Boat Shuttle from the St. Helens City Boat Docks over to Sand Island Campground. Once there you'll hear a ghostly story around a crackling fire while enjoying a tasty treat. Take a flashlight that requires hand pressure only to illuminate your way. (You get to keep the flashlight) Then walk the Jack O Lantern Trail of some of the most amazing carved pumpkins we've ever seen. Some are scary and others just pure artistic craft. We''re can't be sure; but, rumor has it that the island has captured a Sasquatch and will have it contained for viewing.
You never know what happens on Sand Island Campgrounds. It's a fabulous little experience. Hop aboard. Very limited seats per crossing. We will be following the governors orders so plan on following them too! Approximate time with boat ride included 30 - 45 minutes.
Life jackets provided and required. *Please note you may have to wait 15 minutes to accomodate our boat capacity.
We will require you adhere to all state regulations as presented by the governor. Thank you.