Magical Matrimonial Ceremony

By cityevents (other events)

Saturday, October 27 2018 12:30 PM 2:00 PM

Make sure you read this completely. There are no refunds once you sign up. Super Limited - The Magical Matrimonial Ceremony – Get married with a group of other like minded people who will soon be your next bff’s.  In this group wedding from the steps of the Courthouse Plaza you’ll be creating a memory that will last the test of time. 20 years after the movie Halloweentown was released our Special Mayor Kalarbar will return to say a few words of wisdom with a masterful message for the bride and groom. Mistress Stephanie will do a handfasting ceremony and you’ll be legally hitched! We provide you a with your marriage license,wedding cupcake with commemorative topper, a complimentary champagne bar and a photo to be taken with your camera – you keep the file. You may invite your ticketed wedding guest to be in your official photo if you desire.You will also receive photos from our official city photographer of the entire party and random shots. Your guests need their own ticket from the guest tab and these tickets also includes tickets to The Hellish Wedding Reception along with your own tickets.

This October nothing says romance like a group wedding right in the heart of our Spirit of Halloweentown Celebration, and nothing makes such an occasion as special as a ceremony overseen by the number one villain of Halloween Town himself – Kalabar. Interested? Then don’t let the pumpkins grow under your feet, because spaces are limited for this autumn marital extravaganza.

What’s required?

For new marriages, you’ll need to obtain a valid Oregon marriage license. Don’t worry it isn’t complicated and there are no blood tests required. (They make vampires too nervous) Just follow these simple steps.

Contact any Oregon city and talk to the County Clerks Office. Find out their policy on the "waiting" peroid and also if some will waive any waiting period.

Be sure to bring current, valid photo identification (a current driver’s license, armed forces ID, DMV ID, US passport etc.)  and pay the fee.

Complete the application for a marriage license. Both parties will be required to sign in front of a clerk before the license can be released to you. These licenses will be good for 60 days and can be used for marriage anywhere in Oregon with a certified officiate.

You will have your marriage license, commemorative certificate and identification and we will complete the processing for your paperwork immediately following the celebration.

Please Note: These marriages will be legally binding. Yes, if you follow these steps and take part in the group marriage ceremony you will be married. If you do not wish a legally binding marriage, please choose the vow renewal ceremony option when you purchase your event tickets.